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[13 Sep 2004|03:03am]
I created a community for tape trading. GO TRADE BETWEEN YOURSELVES. Share the underground the true way.

-Mix tapes
-Any other black metal shit you want to record onto tape

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[22 Aug 2004|11:09pm]

KLHFGSHGLKDFLGKHDOIFHGNFLKGJLKDFSHGLKSLKGLKAJGKL....That was just a test to see if LJ is still being homoerotic like Dimmu Burger King. None of my post are showing...
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1st POST [31 Jul 2004|02:08am]

[ mood | zombiefied ]

Okay. Where to begin??? Anyhow, any basic info is on the profile page. This journal is an outlet for all the news that is going on in the Humanity Is Poison world. There are a few updates to discuss...even though I haven't promoted this community yet. There will be links to sound clips as soon as they are available. We encourage you all to be a part of this community whether you are a band or not.
Asphyxi8- a three-piece grindcore project from Salem, Oregon has a 24 track album entitled, "Saturated In Human Filth" due out on August 12, 2004. Sound clips will be up in a matter of weeks...as will their website.
Burning Down Berlin-a four-piece horror band hailing from New Orleans, LA and Tampa, FL has an EP due out before Halloween of 2004. It is entitled "A Burial In Flames." This band features members of Social Decay, Eviscerator, and Abysmal Desolation. Go to Burning Down Berlin for more info.
Jellybean Cocksuck-a mysterious gutter-grind joke project dedicated to the destruction of scenester faggots will be working on their debut demo entitled "A Pile of Scene-Fag Innards On My Dinner Plate" due out in the Spring of 2005...Rumored to feature members of Cumshotte, Thought Corruption, and Burning Down Berlin. For fans of Abortion Clinic Shooting Spree, Anal Cunt, and Full Blown AIDS.
Burning Down Berlin is in the process of booking shows for their tour, promoting their debut EP. The tenative dates are from 31 October 'til 15 November. Where and when the shows are depend on the actual length of the tour. Sound clips for their EP will be available on the myspace site by next week.

Poison a human,

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